IASP extends heartiest congratulations for winners of the prestigious awards conferred by the organization for the year 2017 at the 24th NCIASP – Guwahati Assam:

Dr Venkoba Rao Oration (2017): Prof.RK Chadda

Dr NN De Oration (2017):  Prof. Prakash Behere

Dr NN De Oration (2015 – Delivered at NCIASP-2017 Guwahati): R K Chadda for the oration, “Mental Health Services in Disaster-affected Population in Low Resource Setting”

Dr V K Verma Award: Swapnajeet Sahoo, Sandep Grovver, Devakshi Dua, Subho Chakrabarti, Ajit Avasthi for the original article, “Concurrent validity of Indian Disability Evaluation and Assessment Scale with socio-occupational functioning scale in patients with schizophrenia”

Balint Award: Siddharth Sarkar for the original work on, “Concerned parents, belligerent adolescent: Providing support to distressed parents”

Dr Anil Malhotra Award: Saurabh Kumar, Siddharth Sarkar for the original article, “Disability among patients with opiod use disorders and its relationship with stigma towards substance use”

Dr J K Trivedi Award: Wasim Ahmed, Thressiakutty AT for the original work on, “Effect of Teacher’s Training on enhancing self determination amongst individuals with intellectual disability”

Dr BB Sethi Award: Subhash Das, Nitin Gupta, Anadhika Debbavam, Manoj Kumar Bajaj for the original article, “Profiling the initial first year cohort of patients utilising a teriatary hospital based geriatric emntal health care service using the service evaluation framework”

Dr G C Boral Award: Swapanjeet Sahoo, Sandeep Grover, Rama Malhotra, Ajit Avasthi for the original work on, “Internalized Stigma experienced by patients with first episode depression (FED): A study from a tertiary care centre”