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First Announcement of the National Conference of the Indian Association for Social Psychiatry (NCIASP-2019)

First Announcement of the National Conference of the Indian Association for Social Psychiatry (NCIASP-2019)

The 26th National Conference of Indian Association for Social Psychiatry will be held from 29th Nov to 1st December 2019 at Bhubaneswar, Orissa. The theme of the conference is “Social Psychiatry in Digital Age”. Along with the presidential address and symposium on the above-mentioned theme, there will be invited lectures by experts, award papers and free papers/posters deliberating upon the wide array of issues in the area of social psychiatry.

Number Dates City Theme
I 24-25 Feb 1985 Kodaikanal Violence within Society
II 20-22 March, 1986 Chandigarh Culture and Mental Health
III 20-22 March, 1987 Hyderabad Social Change and Mental Health
IV 11-13 April, 1988 Calcutta Community Participation in Mental Health Care
V 20-22 Feb., 1989 New Delhi Social Psychiatry in the Changing World
VI 10-12 Feb., 1990 Tiruchirapalli Mental Health in the Socially Disadvantaged
VII 8-10 Feb., 1991 Ahmedabad Education Systems and Mental Health
VIII 21-23 Feb., 1992 Madras Psychosocial Rehabilitation in the Developing World - The Way Ahead
IX 25-27 Nov., 1994 Bangalore Role of Family in Health and Disease
X 17 –19 Nov., 1995 Calcutta Community and Mental Health
XI 21-23 Feb., 1997 New Delhi Social Sciences and Mental Health
XII 30 June – 1 July 1998 Bhubaneswar Women and psychiatry
XIII 15-17 Nov 1999 Bangalore New Horizon for Social Psychiatry in the Next Millennium
XIV 9-10 Nov 2001 Ranchi Destigmatization of Mental Illness
XV 31 Oct -2 Nov 2003 Tiruchirapalli Psychosocial Interventions in Health and Disease
XVI 28-30 Nov 2008 New Delhi Social Psychiatry & Clinical Practice
Silver Jubilee 15-17 Nov 2009 Lucknow Mental Health: Prioritizing Social Psychiatry
XVII 18-20 Nov 2010 Kochi Public Mental Health and Social Psychiatry
XVIII 25-27 Nov 2011 Patna Bridging the Treatment Gap in Mental Health
XIX 23-25 Nov 2012 Chandigarh Migration and Mental Health
XX 8-10 Nov 2013 Kolkata Mental Health In Changing Social Milieu
XXI 21-23 Nov 2014 Mysore Relationship and Sexuality in the changing social milieu
XXII 6-8 Nov 2015 Agra Caregivers – the fulcrum of social psychiatry in India
XXIII 4 Dec 2016 Delhi Merged with WASP-2016
24th 17-19 Nov 2017 Guwahati, Assam Cultural Diversity and Mental Health
25th 16-18 Nov 2018 Rohtak, Haryana Prioritizing Rural and Community Mental Health in India
26th 16-18 Nov 2018 Bhubaneswar, Odhisa Social Psychiatry in Digital Age