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Past events

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Number Dates City Theme
I 24-25 Feb 1985 Kodaikanal Violence within Society
II 20-22 March, 1986 Chandigarh Culture and Mental Health
III 20-22 March, 1987 Hyderabad Social Change and Mental Health
IV 11-13 April, 1988 Calcutta Community Participation in Mental Health Care
V 20-22 Feb., 1989 New Delhi Social Psychiatry in the Changing World
VI 10-12 Feb., 1990 Tiruchirapalli Mental Health in the Socially Disadvantaged
VII 8-10 Feb., 1991 Ahmedabad Education Systems and Mental Health
VIII 21-23 Feb., 1992 Madras Psychosocial Rehabilitation in the Developing World - The Way Ahead
IX 25-27 Nov., 1994 Bangalore Role of Family in Health and Disease
X 17 –19 Nov., 1995 Calcutta Community and Mental Health
XI 21-23 Feb., 1997 New Delhi Social Sciences and Mental Health
XII 30 June – 1 July 1998 Bhubaneswar Women and psychiatry
XIII 15-17 Nov 1999 Bangalore New Horizon for Social Psychiatry in the Next Millennium
XIV 9-10 Nov 2001 Ranchi Destigmatization of Mental Illness
XV 31 Oct -2 Nov 2003 Tiruchirapalli Psychosocial Interventions in Health and Disease
XVI 28-30 Nov 2008 New Delhi Social Psychiatry & Clinical Practice
Silver Jubilee 15-17 Nov 2009 Lucknow Mental Health: Prioritizing Social Psychiatry
XVII 18-20 Nov 2010 Kochi Public Mental Health and Social Psychiatry
XVIII 25-27 Nov 2011 Patna Bridging the Treatment Gap in Mental Health
XIX 23-25 Nov 2012 Chandigarh Migration and Mental Health
XX 8-10 Nov 2013 Kolkata Mental Health In Changing Social Milieu
XXI 21-23 Nov 2014 Mysore Relationship and Sexuality in the changing social milieu
XXII 6-8 Nov 2015 Agra Caregivers – the fulcrum of social psychiatry in India
XXIII 4 Dec 2016 Delhi Merged with WASP-2016
24th 17-19 Nov 2017 Guwahati, Assam Cultural Diversity and Mental Health
25th 16-18 Nov 2018 Rohtak, Haryana Prioritizing Rural and Community Mental Health in India
26th 16-18 Nov 2018 Bhubaneswar, Odhisa Social Psychiatry in Digital Age