Indian Association for Social Psychiatry

Indian Association for Social Psychiatry

Established 1984 | Registration Number: 1178/84

Understanding the interface between culture, society and mental health in the ever-changing world

Nature of man and his cultures - prevention and treatment of his vicissitudes and disorders

National and international collaboration in the field of social psychiatry

Making knowledge and practice of social psychiatry available to all

Advancement of physical, social, psychological and philosophic well-being of mankind.

To extend consultations and carry out voluntary work for the furtherance of knowledge


The Indian Association for Social Psychiatry (IASP) is the culmination of the collective effort mental health professionals across the country to create a platform for exploration, discussion, research and action on the social determinants of mental health.

Formed under the chairmanship of Professor A. Venkoba Rao in 1984, the association aims to examine the interface between culture and humanity and devotes itself to the scientific study of the issues relevant to the society. The overarching goal of IASP is to examine the role of social and cultural factors in the phenomenology, course, outcome and treatment of psychiatric disorders. The association strives to advance the application of mental health knowledge for the greater public good. IASP aspires to set high standards for research and education, and is determined to support psychiatrists and mental health professionals throughout their career. The IASP represents the first national society for social psychiatry in India and has current member strength of over a thousand mental health professionals.

IASP welcomes you to the official portal for the association. If you are a scholar or practitioner in the field or mental health, we invite you to join our ever-growing family to be a part of the social change that IASP is building.


Established: 14 January 1984

Registered: 6 June 1984

Founding President: A Venkoba Rao

Founding Secretary General: V K Varma

IJSP Established: 1986

Founding Editor: B B Sethi

President: Prof. Pratap Sharan (Delhi)

Vice-president: Prof R K Solanki (Jaipur)

President-elect: Dr UC Garg (Agra)

Secretary General: Prof. Varghese Punnoose (Kottayam)

Treasurer: Dr. Dr. G S Kaloiya (Delhi)

Editor: Prof. Nitin Gupta (Chandigarh)

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Membership to the Indian Association for Social Psychiatry entails numerous benefits including free subscription to the Indian Journal of Social Psychiatry, right to participate in the Association election, submission of conference papers and application for awards in the NCIASP. Join today!

Update Details

Existing members are requested to update their details for contact & communication. IASP is curently updating and digitizing all members databases. Many of our members have moved and changed affiliations since 2012, when last such update happened. Head over to the members page and fill it up!

Submit for Awards

The assocation honors original research and lifetime achievement in the field of “Social Psychiatry & Mental Health” through its annual awards. Submission for awards occur in conjunction with the  annual conference (NCIASP) held every year, and results are declared at the annual general body meeting.

Publish Research

The Indian Journal of Social Psychiatry (IndJSP) is peer-reviewed, indexed, online, open-access journal with quarterly print compilation of issues published. The journal accepts submission of original research articles, reviews and brief communications. Head over to the journal website for submissions.

Executive Council

President: Prof. Pratap Sharan
Vice-president: Prof R K Solanki
President-elect: Dr UC Garg
Treasurer: Dr. GS Kaloiya
Secretary General: Prof. Varghese P Punnoose
Editor: Prof. Nitin Gupta
Assistant Secretary General: Dr. Jaimon PM

Council Members

Prof. Indira Sharma (ex-officio)
Prof. Mamta Sood (ex-officio)
Dr Shikha Tyagi
Dr K.K. Mishra
Dr Rohit Verma
Dr IRS Reddy
Dr Jitender Aneja

Council Members

Dr Sandeep Grover
Dr Sandeep Kumar Goyal
Dr Sidharth Sarkar
Dr Smitha Ramdas
Dr Joice Geo
Dr Tushar Jagawat
Dr Koushik Sinha Deb


Prof Varghese P Punnoose
Department of Psychiatry
Government Medical College Kottayam
Kottayam, Kerala-686008
Mail: [email protected]

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