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Membership Application: Process & Prerequisites


Step1: Download and complete the application form. It is available as an editable Microsoft Word Document and also as a printable pdf file. The form with original signatures of the applicant, the proposer and the person seconding needs to be deposited.

Step2: 1. Attach a passport size photograph, 2. Highest Qualification Certificate (self-attested),  3. Government issued proof of Identity (self-attested), 4. Proof of payment by NEFT (the print slip of transfer).

Step3: Post/submit/courier the completed form to the office of the Secretary General, The Indian Association for Social Psychiatry at the address provided.

Step 4: Upload a scanned copy of the application form at the online portal for membership application. The online account helps us/applicant to manage the registration process better and is free and automated. The online portal helps you to provide a proof of application in case of missing applications or transaction errors. Click here to go to the online portal


Essential Details for Application:

Bank Details:

Payable to: Indian Association for Social Psychiatry
Account No: 10413589649
Branch: SBI AIIMS,
Ansari Nagar Branch,
New Delhi- 110029.

Branch Code: 01536
IFSC: SBIN 0001536

Membership Fees:

Life Fellow:          INR 8000/-
Life Associate:     INR 4000/-
Upgrading from Life Associate to Life Fellow:  INR 4000/-

Address for Communication:

Prof Varghese P Punnoose
Department of Psychiatry
Government Medical College Kottayam
Kottayam, Kerala-686008
Mail: [email protected]

You will receive an immediate email from the office of the Secretary-General confirming successful submission of application once you submit the online form. After acceptance of the membership by the Council, you will receive a speed-post and an email with your membership number and the membership certificate.



Join the Association:

“Member” is an inclusive term embracing all categories of membership listed subsequently. Members are elected by the decision of the Executive Council, need to adhere to the rules and regulations of association and are required to pay a lifetime membership fee. Members are entitled to numerous benefits including free subscription to the Indian Journal for Social Psychiatry, right to participate in the Association election, submission of conference papers and application for awards of annual National Conference of Indian Association for Social Psychiatry as announced from time to time.

Application for membership can be made by filling in the downloadable form and submitting it through the online membership portal. All resources for members, including the members directories can be accessed after creating an online account.


The process of application for Membership:

Any person desirous of becoming a member, and fulfilling the required criteria, need to make an application in the prescribed format, provided as a downloadable form. All applications need to be proposed and seconded by one Fellow each of the Association. The application for membership shall be considered by the Council for election, subsequent to which a membership certificate and a membership number will be issued. An applicant shall be deemed to have become a member of the society since the date of his election by the Council (NOT from the date of application submission). The applicant needs to pay the application fee and the subscription fee as fixed by the Council at the time of the application.

Existing members applying for a different category of membership (eg: Associate member to fellow), need to complete the full process for application, similar to the first time member.


Types of Membership:


Fellows shall be either (i) Physicians* with 10 years of full time experience as such who have made a significant contribution to social psychiatry OR (ii) Physicians with recognized postgraduate qualifications considered equivalent to these by the council, with 5 additional years of experience, who have made a significant contribution to social psychiatry. OR (iii) professionals in behavioral or social sciences related to mental health and social psychiatry with either ten years of experience after a Master’s degree or five years of experience after obtaining Ph.D. degree or equivalent, who have made a significant contribution to the field of social psychiatry. Only citizens of India or foreign nationals permanently domiciled in India shall be eligible for Fellowship.

*“Physician” shall mean a registered medical practitioner under schedule I or II of schedule III of Indian Medical Council Act of 1956 or a person with any other recognized medical qualification which is considered equivalent to the above by the Council.



Associates shall be the persons with professional back-ground in areas allied to social psychiatry and who are interested in the aims and objectives of the Association.


Senior Member:

A senior member of the Indian Association for Social Psychiatry is defined as any member in good standing for five years and who attains the age of 65 years, whichever is later. Senior Members are exempted from membership fee on application to the Secretary-General.


Honorary Fellow:

Honorary Fellowship is conferred by the decision of the Council to persons who have done outstanding scientific and humanitarian work in fields related to social psychiatry. Honorary Fellowship require to be proposed by five fellows. The Council may, at the Annual Council meeting, elect the person so proposed to Honorary Fellowship. Honorary Fellowship can be conferred to persons who do not otherwise meet the criteria of fellowship, in recognition of their exemplary work in the field of social psychiatry.


Constitutional Rights of Members:

All members have the right to attend the annual conference and other scientific meetings, to receive a copy of the statement of accounts, annual reports and the journal of the Association. Only Fellows shall hold elected offices, serve in the Council or serve as Chairman of Constitutional and other committees. Only Fellows shall be eligible to vote in the election of office bearers and Council members, for amendment of the constitution and bylaws and in meetings of the General body.

The membership of any member may be terminated for reasons which the Council may deem sufficient by votes of not less than two thirds of the Council members present at a special meeting called for this purpose or at the annual Council meeting. The member concerned shall have rights to explain his conduct and the Secretary-General shall acquaint all the members of the Council with his explanation. He shall have the right to appeal to the General Body if he so desires, but in this case he must inform the Secretary General of his desire to do so within a month of the receipt of the decision of the Council.


Membership Fees (1st July, 2022):

Life Fellow:                INR 8000/-

Life Associate:          INR 4000/-

Life Associate to Life Fellow:      INR 4000/-  


Edit (15th September, 2018): Currently we prefer NEFT/RTGS account transfer of all payments to IASP. Demand Draft is to be used only is online access is not available. Online Transactions (when implemented) might entail surcharge for payment gateway of up-to 2% depending upon the mode of payment, as per Government of India rules.