The Indian Journal of Social Psychiatry, on behalf of its parent body- The Indian Association of Social Psychiatry (IASP), plans to bring out an issue dedicated to  various aspects of COVID-19.

For this, any member of IASP is invited to submit original research, first-person accounts and narrative reflections  (perspectives/veiwpoints) who is working in this area.

Submissions will have to in the IndJSP format (as per the following guidelines viz., and will undergo a peer-review process in order to ensure, fast-tracking, quality and consistency for all submissions so received.

The last date for submissions shall be 31st July 2020. Submissions are to be done directly at the journal website (

It is endeavored that this special issue shall be published in end-2020 i.e. (Oct-Dec) Issue of the IndJSP.


Nitin Gupta