Dear all Patrons,

Addresses change every year. Having to manually or electronically write to the association for every update can be tedious! Therefore today we present to you the IASP Extended profile feature. A single place to manage your email, account and privacy. Try it out now.

Further Information and steps:
1.  Create an account: Creating an online account is a quick, automated, free and onetime process. If you use Gmail, Facebook, Amazon, etc. you can do it in less than 1 minute.
2. Head to your profile page and fill in the details. The IASP directory helps you find your friends. Youraccount settings control your privacy.
3. In this unified profile system all subscribers move through roles and ranks. Higher roles and verified accounts have access to more features. eg: access to minutes of all meetings, custom notices on signing in, real-time notification to you mobile phone for important updates, monthly news digest delivered to you inbox etc.
4. Please follow the brief tutorial below for a quick summary

The "Subscriber"

Subscriber is a person who has just joined the website. A subscriber can browse the website and view the notices, but does not have access to the directory services or to the minutes of the meeting. No notification services or newsletter services are provided. Online copy of the journal are also not delivered to the email id.

Next step: complete the profile and become a e-member of the association

The Profile

1. Profile can be completed from the settings tab on the profile page (a gear icon on the right corner of the page.)

2. Profile can also be completed by the profile widget at the bottom of the page. Clicking any of the incomplete link opens a pop-up for quick completion.

3. Completion of profile automatically changes your role to eMember.

Next step: Quick cover photo options.

Cover Photo

Cover photo can now be selected directly from Unsplash – The worlds largest library of royalty free photos!

Just select the theme you want and choose the one you like!

Next step: Request verification for verified positions

Request Verification

Verification can be sought by clicking the link on the profile page. Verification is a manual process done by the office of the Secretary General IASP and generally takes about a week.

After verification, your role will be changed to as per the Association position – vis: Life Associate, Life Fellow etc and your registration certificate will be available in your documents folder.


Post your "Events


For fellow and life associates of the IASP, we are happy to provide a space to display and advertise the various scientific events conducted by you so that other members of the association can benefit. Your profile page, under the “Create” tab, will have a form where you can post such events. Don’t forget to attach one featured image along with the post!
That’s all for now, hope you enjoy your stay!
The following are the basic capacities of the various roles. The role capacities will increase as we increase the functionality of the website.
Subscriber: Browse Public content.
eMember: Browse publicly available directory services.
Verified Members:
1. Complete access to present and past directories.
2. Capacity to post events in the upcoming events section.
3. Newsletter with all updates once a month.
4. eCopy of Indian Journal of Social Psychiatry.
5. Access to application for fellowship and sponsorships.
6. Access to minutes of GB meetings.
EC members: Access to all core functionalities of the association with the ability to post events and notices.
Upcoming next feature: Digital Certificates in your personal folder.